McAfee Secure

With McAfee SECURE service your website is scanned daily for thousands of security risks using the most up-to-date knowledge about threats.

What will you get

Build the trust that builds your business with the best in web security

McAfee, Inc. is the world’s largest, dedicated, security technology company – a company that is committed to relentlessly tackling the toughest security challenges. McAfee is a trusted brand that is the undisputed industry leader in web security.

Consumers immediately recognise the McAfee brand and are reassured when they visit a website that uses the McAfee SECURE service.

Comprehensive security certification = customer confidence

The McAfee SECURE service keeps your site safe with daily scans for malware, malicious javascript, suspicious redirections, and more. McAfee SECURE attracts visitors to your site because they know it is secure and has not been compromised.

McAfee SECURE Trustmark increases sales conversion by an average of 12%

A 12% boost. How do we know? More than 300 A/B tests of the underlying McAfee SECURE technology have been conducted. Under these tests, one group of consumers is shown the trustmark and the other sees the unmarked site. On average, sites that display the trustmark enjoy a 12% increase in sales conversion.

Increase your visibility in all major search engine results

By automatically joining the McAfee SECURE service, merchants also enjoy additional exposure on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Bing (along with 19 others!). That’s because sites that use the McAfee SECURE service are highlighted in the search results of the huge community of McAfee SiteAdvisor® software users. This award-winning free consumer plug-in displays the trustmark and other safety rating information next to a site with

Exclusive opportunity to reach security-conscious shoppers

Websites that display the McAfee SECURE trustmark will also be featured in the McAfee SECURE Certified Merchant Directory. This is an exclusive opportunity available only to sites that carry the McAfee SECURE trustmark.The Certified Merchant Directory helps merchants to promote their website to security-conscious shoppers to drive more traffic to their site.